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Elsness Quoyness Chambered Tomb and Arctic Terns:

Neolithic chambered tomb, at least 2000BC, one of Orkney's archaeological showpieces. It has a main chamber, six cells and served a whole community. Admission free, open all year.

Cata Sand:
Tidal sandy bay flanked by a unique series of spectacular dunes. Waders andCommon Seals can be seen here and in nearby Newark Bay.
Tresness Farm - Horse Engine House:
Nineteenth century engine house with octagonal pyramidical roof. A horse turned machine which drove a threshing-mill in an adjoining barn.
Tresness - Wasso Broch and ChamberedTomb:
Part of the wall of the broch can be seen and at the end of the Ness lies an unexcavated tomb.

Bay of Lopness - Wreck of German Destroyer:
 At low tide the remains of WW1 destroyer which went ashore in 1919 can be seen; Picnic site and information board.

Start Point - Lighthouse:
(accessible only at low tide) First tower was erected in 1802', in 1806 it was fitted with the first revolving light in Scotland by Robert Stevenson, grandfather of Robert Louis Stevenson. Visited by Sir Walter Scott in 1814 the tower was rebuilt in 1870 and subsequently painted with distinctive vertical black and white stripes.

Lettan - War-time Radar Station:
 Remains of part of the 1940 air-defence chain up the east coast of Britain.

Tofts Ness - Prehistoric Funerary Complex:
 Potentially one of the most important Prehistoric sites in Britain comprising 500 burial mounds. The whole complex represents thousands of years of man's development.

Otterswick Bay -Waders and Seals

Ortie - Abandoned 19th Century Village:
 Arranged in a remarkably long straight 'kloss', the village at one time housed more than 60 people.

Quoy Banks - Viking-Age Boat Burial:
 Site of one of the most significant Viking boat burials: finds include a magnificent whalebone plaque, combs, a sword, gaming pieces and a brooch.
Scar - Nineteenth Century Westray Estate House: 
Extensive house, steadings and garden wall indicate the size and importance of this estate. Close by are the remains of a circular stone windmill used for grinding meal.

Holms of Ire - 
St Colm Chapel and Wreck: On Inner Holm are the remains of a chapel while Outer Holm is where the steam trawler 'Alex Hastings' was wrecked in 1939.
Ness of Brough -
 Pagan Viking Graves: The Sties ofBrough are known to be Viking barrows (graves). Excavated in the l9th century they yielded a sword, spearhead, shield-boss and axe.

Boloquoy Mill: 
Early l9th century meal mill constructed of random rubble with slated roof.

Boloquoy mill
Holmso Ire
Whale Stranding

Some of the best beaches in the UK
All Yours To Explore

Loads to See & Do
A Stunning Island
With a Suprise At the end of Every Track and Road.
Get away from it all and come and relax with us

Double Rainbows a plenty
Cata Unique & Stunning
Scuthvie Seals
Sunset Over Kettletoft Pier
Whitemill Bay
Stranded Sperm Whale
Newark bay the best beach in Orkney

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